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White Cat Names

White Cat Names: Cool Ideas And Meanings

Who can resist the fluffy fur of a cute little cat? If you already have a pretty white kitty, or if you are about adding a new feline member to your family, you must be excited to give him or her a stunning name. But what the best white cat names should you give for your furry friend? 

Common names such as Snowy are just a clear choice. There are many good names for white cats out there. That’s why I have compiled a bunch of suggestions so that you can easily pick one suitable for your lovely ball of white fur.

White female cat names

Such a delight and happy to have a cute little white girl cat in our home. It would be best if you can give her a name that reflects her personality. Keep reading and pick a stunning moniker for your white lady kitty. 

A lovely white female cat is sleeping
Lovely white girl cat is sleeping.

Lily: A faultless name of a beautiful flower for your white feline bud.

Luna: Pick this Spanish name for your white cat if you feel like the moon rings a bell whenever you see her. 

Angel: Angel usually dresses in white and represents something pure, kind, which just perfectly fits your cuddly feline personality.

Crystal: A gorgeous identifier that evokes the nice virtue of a royal cat. It also brings back priceless things.

Daisy: Pick this moniker for the feline friends that are as cute, gorgeous as this beautiful flower.

Misty: If your mysterious creature usually “disappears” without any reason, why not name her after this ethereal moniker?

Elsa: An elegant name of the Disney princess who loves snow. If your cat loves moving around the house and feels like she owns everything or just kind of falling in love with playing with snow, this is absolutely an ideal moniker.

Flower: if you are into word-play, why not give this name to your quirky kitten? It is a homonym for “flour”. It also exudes the beauty of your white fur friend. 

Bunny: If your adorable, pretty, white cat reminds you of another lovely rabbit, this cute name will be a perfect match. 

Isa: In the Norweigian dialect, this moniker is translated into “ice”, representing the color of your furry friend.

White male cat names

To help you choose a suitable name for your furry friend, I have compiled a list of white male cat names from various themes for you to choose from. Let’s check it out.

A white male cat is eating grass
A white boy cat is eating grass.

Blizzard: Pick this strong name for your male cat that is as powerful as the snowstorm. 

Casper: One of the greatest names for your furry bud, which evocates friendliness. It is also a perfect name for owners loving pop culture.

White Lightning: Another powerful moniker for male kitties who always appears and disappears as a bolt of lightning.

Bear: If a polar bear reminds you of your big, white furry friend, why not name him after that animal.

Yeti: Why not give this abominable snowman name for your cat? It is not about formidable appearance as you think, just something a bit “naughty”.

Snoopy: This is the name of a well-known, widely beloved dog. So why not name your white cat after this moniker?

Nimbus: A fluffy, white cloud might bring back your beautiful male furry cat.

Blanc: In French, this moniker translates to “white”. Just a simple but noble name for your royal male kitten.

Shiro: Another pretty name in another language. Pick this Japanese identifier for your white furry bud.

Frosty: If your glacial feline friend needs some time to get to know and warm you, this name perfectly fits his white color and personality. 

Names for white cats with blue eyes

The combination of blue eyes and white fur makes our cats more unique and visually striking. Here are some suggestions you can get inspired from to name your blue-colored feline friend.

A pretty white cat with blue eyes
Pretty white furry cat with beautiful blue eyes.

Frank or Sinatra: Frank Sinatra is a famous singer who has an “Ol Blue Eyes” nickname. This will be the perfect moniker for your feline friend.

Sherlock: Another well-known fictional character who is believed to have two different colored eyes.

Benedict: Benedict Cumberbatch is the movie star starring Sherlock and actually has two dissimilarly colored eyes.

Taylor: Why not name your beautiful cat after the blue-eyed singer who loves cats too.

Azure: This literally translates to the blue sky.

Glory: Name your brilliant feline friend after this beautiful, blue-colored Morning Flower.

Unique white cat names

Brainstorming a name for your white kitty is difficult. Naming his/her unique name is a more daunting task. But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of fun and unique names for you. The inspiration comes from different aspects, such as nature, food, weather, etc.

A weird cat with a unique name
A “weird” white cat has a unique name.

Birch: A white-barked tree with the namesake. 

Jack Frost: This moniker is inspired by the season. It is another name for cold winters with white snow.

Blanco: In the Mexican language, this literally translates to “white”. 

Galaxy: Like the Milky Way, constellation, or star system where we live.

Moscato: A sweet white dessert wine from Italy.

Zima: Another word for “winter” that originated from Russia.

Cute white cat names

No matter if it is a young or adult cat, all are cute and deserve a cute name. Regarding this, here are some of my favorite names for adorable feline friends. Some have meanings, while others just simply sound cutie.

A cute little white furry kitten is sleeping
A cute white kitten is sleeping.

Coco: This stands for a white fruit, Coconut.

Tic tac: A name of small white peppermint candy.

Boo: When your baby cat acts like a ghost, this name perfectly fits for her/him.

Pearl: A precious thing that is pretty and shiny, just like your beautiful white cat.

Brie: A kind of mild, delicious French cheese with white skin.

Wrap up

I hope that my suggestions inspire you to pick a stunning name for your adorable white cat. If you haven’t thought of any moniker yet, why not ask your furry kitten? Start calling them by several names, and see which one your feline friend responds to. That would be the perfect moniker to give them. 

Don’t forget to share with me your white cat’s new name in the comment box. I love to hear all the creative names that you’ve given for your ball of fur.