/Top 10 Most Playful Cat Breeds For Energetic Pet Owners

Top 10 Most Playful Cat Breeds For Energetic Pet Owners

Cats are such weird creatures. One moment they demand you to give them attention, and the next thing you know, they’ll completely ignore you. Some cats love being around and playing with you, but others would rather do things on their own. If you’re looking for playful cat breeds that are always in the mood to hang out with you, here are the best suggestions.

Playtime is essential for domestic cats, especially those who are kept indoors only. Cats need to be stimulated constantly so that their excess energy doesn’t turn destructive. However, there are certain breeds with higher energy, and breeds that prefer laying under the sun all day.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the most active cat breeds that are sure to entertain you every day. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

Why Are Some Cats More Playful Than Others?

Similar to humans, a cat’s personality is formed ever since they’re born. They can be mild-tempered and affectionate, but can also be rowdy and mischievous.

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However, the environment that the cat lives in, as well as how it was socialized as a kitten can affect their attitude. If you spend a lot of time at home with your cat and engage in a lot of play with them regularly, then your cat will surely be more playful. They know that you’re always there to have fun with them.

But in general, there are some hyperactive cat breeds that are more prone to enjoy exercising and being frolic. When you adopt a cat of these breeds, they’ll mostly portray the same characteristics and energy level.

These cats are usually very intelligent. They love to investigate the world around them and need to be stimulated or they’d get bored. That’s why they’re so eager for playtime at any moment. It’s a way for them to stay happy and excited, and help them release their excess energy.

Another reason is that these breeds are also very affectionate. Playing together is a way for them to have more interaction with you. They love being around you, regardless if it’s sitting on your lap or chasing a laser. It’s critical to show your cat a lot of love and attention. Wearing a family dress code, such as the cat print Hawaiian shirts for human, can demonstrate your close bond with them. 

Which Are The Most Playful Cat Breeds?

Now that you’ve understood more about cat’s playfulness, let’s go through the list of 10 playful cat breeds who love having fun. We hope that you’d find a perfect companion that would entertain you all day.


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The Bengal is an impressive looking cat breed with their distinctive orange patterned coat that resembles a leopard. They are highly intelligent and enjoy learning new tricks. They might also hunt rodents and pests in the house for you.

Unlike most cats, Bengal surprisingly loves water. They are obsessed with playing with your running tap and sometimes will even follow you into the shower. Such a fun and energetic cat breed!


The Manx are sweet, affectionate cats who love to run around and play.

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The round, chubby figure of these cats might make you misunderstand that they’re lazy. On the contrary, they are very active and fun loving. If you have more than one cat, the two will chase each other endlessly around the house.


With their short legs and kitten-like appearance, the Munchkins are another playful cat breed that is very intelligent. They are intrigued by puzzle toys, and eager to learn tricks.

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These cats love having a play buddy, so they’ll get along well just fine with another cat or even dog in the house. Despite the stumpy legs, they are very agile and quick on their feet. So don’t be surprised to see them zooming everywhere.


Siamese cats are famous for their royal-like, sophisticated look. They are especially fond of their family, and won’t be able to endure being alone all day. These cats can even get jealous of other cats because they love you that much. But their chatty, fun personality will surely liven up your home.

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The Siamese is a smart and athletic breed that needs to be kept busy. They enjoy climbing and exercising, so make sure to provide them with lots of equipment and space. Spend as much time as possible to hang and engage in a play with them every day.


If you’re looking for a cat to chill with you on the sofa while watching Netflix, the Abyssinian might probably not be the cat for you.

Out of all cat breeds, Abyssinian cats are probably the ones who live life to their fullest. They enjoy climbing high places, play until they’re exhausted, and always seem to have more energy than what can fit in their tiny body.

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There’s never a dull moment living with an Aby. They’re always involved in something, trying to get your attention and entertaining themselves. Therefore, you should prepare a lot of toys for them, so they won’t get bored and destroy most of your stuff. They are also a smart breed that learns things pretty quickly.

They’re affectionate, but only to a certain extent. Don’t try to pick them up or cuddle with them against their will, or they can get a bit feisty. 


The Sphynx are undoubtedly the most distinguishable breed of cat – they don’t have any hair on their body. But behind that wrinkly look is a playful soul not many people might know of.

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Sphynx cats are very curious and love to explore. They are very fond of interactive and challenging toys that tease their brain. This cat breed loves attention – which will naturally come wherever they go. They’ll try to make you play with them all the time.


Famous for their comically big ears, the Oriental cats are perfect for a family because they are extremely affectionate. These cats are very social and need a play companion at all times.

Oriental cats might be an energetic and high energy breed, but they will happily entertain themselves with toys on their own. Give them a lot of space to roam around and explore as well.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails are such a fun breed to have. They are talkative but not loud, so it always seems as if they’re actually engaging in a conversation with you.

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These cats love chasing things around the house, poking fish in your pond, and will tend to carry their favorite toy with them everywhere. They are easy to train and are another breed that is fond of being taught tricks.


The sleek, athletic appearance of the Savannah will definitely impress any of your guests. They might be one of the highest energy cats out there, with an endless love for fun and activities.

These cats are always down for a good adventure. Instead of just playing with them at home, you can bring them on your next trips or train them to walk on a leash. They always seek out things to do, and their intelligence when combined with curiosity can turn your house upside down.

playful cat breeds

This breed loves to hunt as well, so provide them with toys that they can chase or cat trees for them to climb. 

 Egyptian Mau

Last but not least on our playful cat breeds list is the Egyptian Mau. They have such a high energy level that you’ll easily see them climbing up and down cat trees, or find them on top of your shelves.

Like the Savannah, Egyptian Mau’s hunting instinct is also very high, so they love chasing toys around the house. You can even teach them how to fetch/retrieve toys as well – they’ll surely enjoy it.