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Top 10 Dogs With Floppy Ears You Will Love

When it comes to dogs with floppy ears, there is something just so adorable and warm. It might be their amiable, kind traits that make them look kind of passive. Therefore, many suppose that these breeds are slow-paced. It’s true, but some families are fast and agile too, like Poodles.

No matter breeds, floppy-eared dogs are still friendly and great family pets and even better companions. And if you are a fan of droopy ears, you might not want to miss the list of the 10 most lovely, delightful picks.

Why do dogs have floppy ears?

This is absolutely a valid question. You know there are dogs with pointy ears, so it is normal that there are floppy-eared dogs. So what causes floppy ears in dogs?

It all began with a term known as “domestication syndrome” by Charles Darwin. Many years ago, wolves and human beings started becoming companionable and friendly together. These animals increasingly became approachable to tame. Therefore, their natural survival instincts decreased. This also led to many changes in the wolves’ nature, behavior, attitude, and appearance. And their ears were not an exception. 

Darwin explained in his famous book named “On the Origin of Species” how domestication syndrome affected dogs’ ears. Accordingly, when wolves were domesticated, they became less alert. This, as a result, caused the ear muscles’ disuse. 

A Swiss anatomist also supported Darwin’s opinion. His studies showed that neural cells significantly caused changes in the wolve’s physiology, not only the reduction in adrenaline production but also in cartilage production in ears. 

In a nutshell, from domestication to decrease in cartilage production and development, all these factors lead to floppy ears in dogs, according to studies.

Reasons why dogs have floppy ears.

Top 10 dog breeds with floppy ears

There are just various pooch breeds having droopy ears and they are just loveable. But here are the top 10 dogs with floppy ears that will make you say “awe” at the first time seeing them.

Basset Hound

Basset hound with long silky droopy ears
A basset hound with long silky droopy ears.

One of the most common dog breeds with floppy ears is the Basset Hounds. These pooches are the most powerful ones among hound breeds with exceptionally large, heavy bone structures and strong legs. 

These large-sized dogs come with long, velvety ears and particularly wrinkled browns, making them nicknamed sad clowns. 

Basset Hounds are well-known for their mild, friendly, and patient disposition. But sometimes they are a bit stubborn but really loyal. This great temperament makes them good family pets.


Drooping-ears beagle puppy and mom
Drooping-ears beagle puppy and mom.

Beagles usually come in either medium or a bit large sizes. They are the kind of dogs with droopy ears on a broad head, creating an irresistible draw. 

In fact, beagles are originally pack dogs. That’s why they are friendly, agreeable, and easygoing. This beautiful nature makes them a great companion, friend to your kids.

Besides, these canines have a high curiosity. They are curious about almost anything, which leads to never-ending playing time. So, if you’re going to welcome a new Beagle pup to your family, make sure you will spend time with them.

Black and Tan Coonhound

Black and tan Coonhound with drooping ears
Black and tan Coonhound with drooping ears.

Another pooch from the hunting dog family. These Black and Tan Coonhounds are incredibly athletic, have a big build and excellent noses. 

They come with long, big, floppy ears with sensitive eyes. You don’t need to notice but still see a “pumpkin seed” above their eyes. This distinguishing feature makes these pooches more lovely together with their strong appearance. 

Coonhounds are so sociable that if you leave them alone, they’ll feel self-pity and lonely. Believe me, you will know this when you hear their woeful wail.


Bloodhound with crumpled faces and floppy ears
A bloodhound with crumpled faces and floppy ears lying on the grass.

This large hound breed is renowned for its excellent ability to find lost people. Not only its size, but the ears are also large and droopy. Like Basset Hounds, these Bloodhounds look due to their wrinkled faces. But the deep-set eyes create an intelligent appearance. 

Substantially, these pooches are relatively obedient, but sometimes they are a bit stubborn too. Because of the lovely and friendly nature, Bloodhounds are great pack dogs. They also welcome children and other dogs.

Cocker Spaniel


A Cocker Spaniel puppy with pretty drooping ears
A Cocker Spaniel puppy with pretty drooping ears.

Cocker Spaniel is one of America’s most favorite floppy ear dogs. Their long, velvety, and droopy ears with the sweet eyes make them so adorable. 

These pooches are initially hunting dogs, but now are great companions. They are famous for their energetic, easily trained, and intelligent disposition. Cocker Spaniels are also merry and eager to play with kids, making them excellent friends for your children.


A long-body dachshund puppy with dropping ears
A long-body dachshund puppy with dropping ears.

You can easily recognize Dachshunds from anywhere because of their unique body shape. They have extremely long torsos and short legs with a bit sad and always-alert eyes. This unique appearance only makes them more adorable. 

Though Dachshunds are hounds, they are not meant to join intensive training activities such as swimming or running. In return, their intelligence and attentiveness make them excellent watchdogs. They are also independent, especially while hunting. This, sometimes, makes them look so rash. 

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel with hairy droopy ears
A smiling English Springer Spaniel with hairy droopy ears.

English Springer Spaniels come in well-built, muscular bodies with long, silky ears and kind but smart eyes. This great siem makes them good hunting companions. 

These pooches are relatively well-mannered and obedient if properly trained. They are also sweet and eager to please people. Due to this, they might feel bereft if you ignore them. 

English Springer Spaniels are also agreeable and friendly. They love to play with kids and welcome other dogs too. Walking, swimming, running, or other playful activities always attract their attention. 

Golden Retrievers

A pack of floppy-ears golden retriever puppies on the bench
A pack of floppy-ears golden retriever puppies on the bench.

Golden Retrievers are originally gundogs and named after their beautiful golden coats. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. 

These canines look so pretty in their broad foreheads and short, drooping ears. These medium-sized dogs usually come in well-built bodies with agile walks. 

They are so merry, adorable, and playful that sometimes they forget they are not puppies anymore. However, when it comes to work, Golden Retrievers are extremely serious. Due to this good characteristic, they are exceptionally efficient as help dogs, guide dogs, or even rescue dogs. 

Irish Setter

A long-haired Irish Setter with silky drooping ears
A long-haired Irish Setter with silky drooping ears.

Like Golden Retrievers, these Irish Setters are gundogs with unique chestnut coats, creating outstanding elegance. They have muscular bodies and strong legs, especially the back ones, allowing them to run faster. 

Although these pooches are big and well-built, they come with puppy souls. Irish Setters are very agreeable and eager to please people, making them ideal family pets. That means they are also easy to train. However, they may require positive training and reinforcement.


A cute curly-haired poodle puppy with short floppy ears
A cute curly-haired poodle puppy with short floppy ears.

The last dog with floppy ears in this list is Poodles. No matter the size, these graceful pooches are still great companions. 

These small dogs with floppy ears have unique but elegant curly-haired coats. They usually come in 3 sizes, including standard, toy, and miniature. 

Many people think that these canines are faint-hearted. In fact, they are considered one of the most intelligent and agile dogs. They are also strong and great athletes.

Wrap up

These are just some of the most popular dogs with floppy ears and there are more breeds with droopy ears out there. And they all share lovely, beautiful appearances and amiable nature. If you feel that your life would be better when having these silky, droopy ears, it might be the time to consider making one of them a new family member.