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Best Hunting Dog Names

Best Hunting Dog Names And Their Meanings

Hunting dogs are more than just a pet. They play an important part in a hunting team. The best hunting dog names should reflect their characteristics, gender, etc., which could be loyal, smart, etc. 

By giving them a name, you also show your love and care for them. But don’t overcomplicate things because you will call your dog many times during a hunt. One of the most common questions regarding this is “What should I name my hunting dog?” 

Don’t worry. Here at Longhairedwhippet, you will find the best ideas for naming your hound.

Female hunting dog names

You and your hound will spend lots of your time in nature, for hunting, training, or just for walking. So why not name her after nature’s beauty? 

Names for female hunting dogs.

Adira: This beautiful name has Hebrew origins, meaning “powerful”.

Athena: This is a name of a well-known goddess from Greek mythology. She was intelligent, strong, powerful – and so is your dog.

Beretta: This is a famous Italian firearms company. It seems that your hound is made to chase greys.

Benelli: Another noted firearms manufacturing company in Italy. This name sounds really sophisticated and tends to be more suitable for your puppy.

Codee: A name that tells a story. It means “a person that helps others”. Your female dog will always be your best companion in every hunt.

Dianna: Your pretty, smart female hound has the same characteristics of this name with the meaning of “Goddess of vigour and gorgeousness”.

Jedi: A name of the main character in many Star Wars films. This name is the symbol of peace and justice.

Laika: This pretty name originated from a Russian term, showing the link of hunting dog breeds living in Siberia and Northern Russia.

Dawn: Start your hunts at the dawn with your female hound.

Lightning: Your dog entering the room with full of stunning power – just like a bolt of lightning. 

These are just some of the most beautiful names for your female dogs. You can refer to the following names to get ideas for giving your best friend a gorgeous one. 

  • Aurora
  • Abby 
  • Xena
  • Bailey
  • Brielle
  • Dali
  • Judy
  • Rose
  • Olive
  • Luxy
  • Dixie 
  • Pinga 
  • Trudy 
  • Pearl 

Male hunting dog names

Just like female hounds, there are lots of names for hunting dogs out there. Check out the following “muscular” names.

Powerful for male hunting dogs.

Ace: The highest rank in cards, showing its power and strength.

Artemis: This is the name of a famous goddess in Greek mythology who represents the wilderness and hunt.

Blaze: Your male pointer just sparks like bright flame, bonfire.

Bud: It stands for “buddy”, your loyal partner in every hunt.

Buck: This is a dog name of the main character in the famous novel named “The Call of the Wild”. His name says it all. 

Duke: It shows the power of a leader, as strong as your companion.

Kota: Give your best friend this name with the hope of good fortune.

Emerson: It means commanding, expressing your hound’s braveness. 

Orion: Name your male pointer after the legendary hunter.

Ranger: Let your buddy become a forest ranger in every hunt.

There are much more than just these names. You can find more interesting names as below.

  • Alfred 
  • Angus
  • Aspen
  • Blitz
  • Chaser
  • Cliff
  • Levi
  • Milo
  • Rocky
  • Sarge

Gun names for dogs

Hunting and firearms usually go together. Therefore, getting your hound a name inspired by guns is not difficult. We still suggest some beautiful, yet powerful names to refer to. 

Some cool gun-inspired names for hunting dogs.

Ammo: An abbreviation of ammunition, an indispensable item in every hunt. 

Buckshot: This is one of the most powerful kinds of shot. Name your dog after it to show his strength and force.

Deringer: A subtle handgun is an ideal name for any hunting dog breeds.

Pistol: Another name of a powerful handgun.

Masket: A type of firearm that infantry uses a lot

Revolver: Your dog can do more than just detecting and chasing prey, – just like this handgun allowing you to shoot various times without reloading.

Trigger: An indispensable part of a gun that causes it to fire. Naming your hound after this part expresses his importance in your hunts.

Besides, you can name your dog after gun manufacturers, gun models, gun parts, etc. Refer to the following good hunting dog names and pick one for your companion.

  • Colt
  • Kimber
  • Marlin 
  • Garand 
  • Barrel
  • Linx
  • Caliber 
  • Brass 

Fishing dog names

Besides hunting times, are you planning to take your partner to go fishing with you? Retriever dog breeds are known for their instinct and love for water. So why not give him/her a name inspired by fishing?

Some stunning fishing dog names.

Cisco: A famous fishing brand based in Ohio. That’s great to give your dog a name after a fishing company.

Algo: This pretty name means green river, a residence of fish and other aquatic organisms.

Maya: It just simply means water, but sounds a bit illusive. This is an ideal name for your female hunting dog.

Sedge: This means flowering plants in swampy places. It is suitable for both male and female hounds.

Sally: A beautiful name stands for salmon.

Murphy: A powerful name for male pointer who is as brave and strong as a sea warrior.

Gill: The name of river, stream, and mountain. It may suit your male hound.

Brooke: This gorgeous name is more suitable for your female dog rather than the male one. It also represents the river.

Other cooling fishing names for your buddy are:

  • Anchor
  • Bobber
  • Hook
  • Bucher
  • Dock
  • Dusky
  • Fin
  • Jigs
  • Snap
  • Warden
  • Zebco

Wrap up

Now that you have a suggested list of the cool hunting dog names. It’s time to sit down and pick a suitable one. The best name is not necessarily to say anything about nature, fishing, hunting guns or weapons, but the one that represents your beloved buddy’s characteristics.