/Best Dog Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Best Dog Themed Birthday Party Ideas

You know almost all kids love puppies because they are so adorable and great for the best friend. And they tend to ask you to give them a canine on their birthday. However, for some reason, you can’t raise a dog at your house. So if you can’t give your kid a real dog, let these marvelous dog-themed birthday party ideas make their day. 
You know every great birthday party starts with invitations. Before sending out those invitations, you should make some decorations for them. You can buy craft papers at stationery stores or make use of your old papers.
dog themed birthday party 1
Then draw colorful, adorable things on the cards using brushes for painting or any kind of colored markers. To make them the best dog themed birthday party invitations, you can draw canine or puppy’s images on them. Or you can even cut the cards into the shape of bones, paws, dogs’ faces, etc. Don’t forget to write the party’s time and place on the other side.

Dog-themed Decorations

There are two important things you need for decoration. The first one is the party space and objects. The best idea is decorating your house or the room where the party takes place with the color scheme of your kid’s favorite pooch breed.
For example, white colors with black spots would be excellent for Dalmatian lovers. Or red hue will absolutely please Redbone Coonhound fans. You can use this main color for the table, wall, or balloons, banners, etc
dog themed birthday party 1
If you are the kind of person who loves handmade stuff, you can make them by yourself. If not, you can go to party supply stores near you and find lots of cute puppy themed birthday party decorations. Some great ideas include napkins and plates with dog-paw patterns. Or you can buy some puppy-shaped balloons. If you can’t find such balloons, you can draw puppy faces on them and attach their ears using paper.
It’s always fun to decorate for your birthday party, but don’t forget to “decorate” your kid too. He or she also needs a unique outfit for their special day. Dress him or her in a cute puppy custom. If possible, don’t forget to prepare some clothes for your little guests. In case you don’t know what to wear for a dog-themed birthday party, click here to find out more cool ideas.

Dog-themed Food Ideas

Here are some of the coolest dog themed birthday party food ideas to prepare for your kid’s special day.
  • Hot dogs are always great. You can cut them into the shape of dog bones.
  • Display food in the dog bowls (the new and clean ones, of course). It could be puppy chow (but for people) which looks really like dog snacks.
  • Pizza that has been kneaded into the shape of big dog paws or bones.
  • Other dog-shaped snacks or cakes would be great too. If you’re crafty, you can build a dog house using these cakes and then place a false dog statue in front of the house.

Party Games And Activities

What will be the best dog themed birthday party games that your kid can play and enjoy in their day? This hugely depends on his age and other guest’s age too. So if all party guests are really young, let’s say in their ten, you don’t need to prepare complicated games. Let them be free and play any games that they love. But remember to ensure the safety for all.
Older kids might want to have more activities. You can refer to some of the following ideas.
dog themed birthday party
  • Playing “Pin the paw/tail on the puppy”. This game is simple but really fun. It is based on the classic game named “Pin the tail on the donkey”. Simply find any picture of a dog on the internet. You will also need images of dog paw prints, which will be printed out later. Then blindfold all kids, and ask each one to put their paw prints near the dog’s foot, as close as possible. 
  • Playing the game BINGO. But instead of BINGO words, you can cut 5 cards; each one contains the word P-U-P-P-Y on the top, and below is a square with a certain dog breed. Get someone to stand in front of a blackboard and draw a pooch breed randomly.
  • Don’t forget to play some cheerful dog-themed party songs. It could be Chihuahua – Remastered, Puppy Love, (How much is) that doggie in the window, I love my dog, Who let the dogs out, Walking the dogs, etc.

Enjoy The Pawsome Party

I have broken down some of the best dog themed birthday party ideas. Hope that you will find some above ideas useful or inspiration for you to create a superb party. It seems that almost everything is well-prepared for your kid’s special party. It’s the pawty time! Let’s celebrate this day with your child and other lovely guests.