/Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

It might be difficult to choose the perfect dog for a family, especially the one with children. You are seeking a puppy who will not only behave nicely but also be kind to kids and enjoy playing with them.  

A French Bulldog might be the perfect fit for your family. The popularity of Frenchies is rising year after year, and they routinely rank among the top 10 preferred dog breeds in the United States. 

Are french bulldogs good with kids? If you don’t know if your family is appropriate for the French bulldog, keep reading to find out.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

The answer is YES.

A French bulldog and kids can become good friends if they are socialized properly from an early age. 

Why Are Bulldogs Good With Kids?  

The kind demeanor, easygoing personalities, and the desire to be with their human family are all characteristics of French Bulldogs. Their tiny size yet huge hearts entice all members of the family to love them.

Aggression is uncommon in these clever small dogs. French bulldogs don’t like to bark like other breeds. It’s simple for them to form love connections with children because of their pleasant, tolerant temperament and yearning for companionship. Remember to keep an eye on them while playing because they are susceptible to heat-related diseases.

A quick look at the fascinating history of the French Bulldog shows why these dogs are great playmates and cuddle companions for kids, as well as ideal family pets.

Because today’s Frenchie is descended from a line of tiny bulldogs bred to snuggle on laps of lacemakers to keep them warm during the day and run about factories at night to chase away rats. As a result, they were bred from the start to enjoy both times of activity and cuddle time, qualities that are still present in the species today.

With a French Bulldog, you truly get the best partners for your kids.

How Can French Bulldogs And Kids Play Together?

Once a French bulldog and kids become best friends, your kids can gain a lot of benefits from playing with their buddies.

Frenchies Are The Best Playmates For Kids.

How is a French bulldog good with kids? Both of them can have a lot of fun together. French bulldogs can keep our kids occupied for hours at a time throughout the weekend.

Frenchies dislike being left alone and research has shown that keeping a dog may help humans avoid loneliness and sadness. So, having a French bulldog and babies playing together is a great idea while parents are busy.

Children Can Learn Responsibility From Frenchies

If your child is with a baby French bulldog, this is a great opportunity for them to learn how to care for another living being. They will have to feed and water their puppy.

Frenchies Help Reduce Anxiety

Many French bulldogs have been employed as therapy dogs to help people cope with anxiety and sadness. In fact, French Bulldogs are excellent emotional supporters. They also pay visits to some hospitals and schools.

When your child is worried, a snuggle from their favorite dog or a hello lick can help to relax their nerves by releasing the hormone oxytocin.

How Can You Introduce A Newborn Baby And French Bulldog To Each Other?

If you have an adult French bulldog and are going to have a baby, it is critical to appropriately introduce the dog to the new family member. Because bringing a newborn home is exciting for you and your family, you should be aware that your dog will likely be confused and scared. To put it another way, he will have no idea what is going on.

If you are about to get a baby french bulldog rather than an adult dog. This gives your Frenchie plenty of time to adapt to living with kids and figure out which actions are appropriate and which are not. When choosing a baby French bulldog, you may get confused with a similar breed called Boston terrier, to distinguish between the two, read this article.

Hence, below are some of our suggested ways to help bulldog and babies get along:

Change Your French Sleeping Place

If your puppy gets used to sleeping in your bed, you need to change it gradually. You ask him/her to move to another place and reward them while he/she does so.

Play Baby Sounds For Frenchies

You will assist Frenchies to adapt yourself to new noises by playing various ‘baby crying sounds’ found on the Internet. We are sure you’ll chuckle at the initial reaction of your dog while playing this sound. This is a simple way you can introduce your baby and French bulldogs to each other for the first time.

When Can French Bulldog Meet The Baby?

Even though your Frenchie is very sociable with everyone, in the first few days you must not let him sniff the infant. It is advisable that your animal companion initially adapts to the smell of the newborn. 

The second stage calls for your Frenchie to sniff the infant. But to prevent unforeseen events, you need to keep him on a leash. It is important that a dog is invited since inviting avoids biting. Don’t forget to praise your puppy when he/ she sniffed the infant.

The last stage is to let your french bulldog and kid meet each other directly without the leash. Assess the situation first before doing so. And, do not forget to hold your baby in your arms while Frenchies are getting closer. 

Don’t Make Your French Bulldog Feel Left Out

Frenchies are sensitive and they don’t like to be left alone. So why don’t you let your baby and french bulldog have special moments together?

Our conclusion

For little children, the Frenchies are excellent companions. There are so many videos of newborns, babies, and children with Frenchies on the internet. Remember that if you have a long commitment with a French bulldog, they can be a member of your family.

If you are wondering about the question:” Are french bulldogs good with kids?”, hopefully, this article will help you answer it. 

Please share with us if you have more ideas about the association between French bulldogs and kids.