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About Long haired whippet

Hello dog friend, welcome to the Longhairedwhippet. We are a team of 3 members who share fondness for whippets. We met each other at an offline event for dog lovers. There were various long haired whippet breeders. However, we all care about pets in general and whippets in particular. 

That’s why we decided to create this blog to share with you, dog owners and lovers, knowledge about dog training, its behavior, caring tips, and all other things in this universe related to dogs. 

I am a professional hunting dog trainer for 5 years, living with my smart and loyal long haired sighthound. Lucas has a 7-year-old basset hound named Blaze. And the first time we met, he asked me: “How much do whippets cost?” I thought he was just kidding, but he said he wanted to buy a whippet so that his Blaze would have another friend. And we talked a lot about this topic, from whippet life expectancy, its behavior, characteristics, cost, etc. 

James also owned two dogs. One is a dog breed with long hair, and the other is an energetic greyhound. He also joined us and shared lots of experiences when growing and training two different dog breeds. 

We learnt from each other in terms of dog training and caring. We thought that we should do something to help other dog enthusiasts find a strong bond between them and their beloved dogs. And Longhairedwhippet.com was founded. Here you can find articles about all sides of dog breeding, care and training. 

Hope you have a great time on the Longhairedwhippet.com. Don’t forget to connect with us to share your moment and experience between you and your buddy with us.