/8 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes For Cat Lovers
Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

8 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes For Cat Lovers

There’s always something special hidden in cat breeds with blue eyes. We’re usually drawn to their dazzling beauty, but do you know these dazzling eyes come from?

The lack of pigment is what to blame for. In those breeds, the production of pigment in cats doesn’t occur. That’s why when light reflects on their eyes, they look blue in color. The higher the intensity of refraction, the deeper the shade of blue you can see.

Some cat breeds with blue eyes have a more than normal albinism gene. That translates into the constantly bright blue in the look. Meanwhile, some have an extra gene that blocks the coat color, adding more white shade into the existing blue. 

If you wish this gorgeous creature to be around, then take your time to browse over our list below.

8 beautiful cat breeds with blue eyes


Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Balinese is a long hair cat breed with blue eyes. They have silky, flowing fur with graceful blue eyes.  The breed usually has a medium body size with a  beautiful face. They are also much-loved for being intelligent, playful, and affectionate towards human owners, which makes them a great pet to be around with.  


Known as the sacred cat of Burma, the Birman is another attractive blue-eyed feline for you to consider. What makes them stand out is the glossy blue shade in the look. Also, those cats are ideal pet friends as they are quite gentle, playful, and affectionate. For your information, there’s even a legend about these blue-eyed cats. Their luxurious and smoothy coat and dazzlingly blue eyes were believed to be a reward from the god thanks to their dedication and loyalty to a priest.


hymalayan cat with blue eyes

As a perfect cross of Siamese and Persian breeds, Himalayan cats enjoy both the stunning appearance and characters of the two. They give a vivid blue in their eyes and have a shape of a typical Persian. However, compared to the Siamese, Himalayan cats have different coat patterns. Specifically, the fluffy coat makes them appear pretty large, but don’t be fooled, as most of it is fluff!


javannese cats with blue eyes

Javanese cats are outstanding with their distinctive blue eyes. As offspring of Siamese, Balinese, and Colorpoint breeds, those cats appear elegant but have an extremely strong muscular body. That’s why they are super playful and highly skilled at climbing and jumping.

Noticeably, thanks to their high level of intelligence, Javanese cats usually partake in training sessions for pets. Meanwhile, they’re quite open to sharing their feelings with us, making it super easy for cat care. 


Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Ragdolls are widely known for their glittering eyes that look like sapphire. As one of the most affectionate breeds, they could make an ideal pet. They will follow you all around the house and constantly seek your attention. Even the name tells about their character. It’s based on the fact that when you pick them up, they often go limp with excitement, just like a floppy rag doll!


siamese blue-eyed cats

The Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds with blue eyes. In fact, they used to be the sacred animal in Buddhist temples. In ancient times, even the thief who stole this cat breed was sentenced to death. 

Today, the Siamese is an amazing companion to human kinds. Not only do they have stunning appearances, but they also thrive on spending time with us. So whenever you have them around, all your worries and sadness will be relieved. 


ssnowshoe cats with blue eyes

Snowshoe was named after their adorable white mitten paws. With big blue eyes and a fluffy coat, you can not go wrong having a Snowshoe cat be with you. As a cross of a Siamese one and American Shorthairs in the 60s, this cat breed is quite new to pet parents. However, they can make loving pets due to the playful and cute character. 


The Tonkinese combines all the best qualities from a Siamese and Burmese. They are quite entertaining, loving, and incredibly intelligent. Some people even say that these cats can easily jump onto their owner’s shoulders due to their love of heights. 

There’s a note if you decide to adopt a Tonkinese. Since they are normally indoor, it’s important to keep tabs on them when being outside. The lack of certain defensive instincts could eventually put them in danger.

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